Watonga EMS is housed in the Armory on Main Street

Location 305 W Main

Watonga, OK  73772



EMS Director

13903179_1075312395856558_8939245153878760177_n MEDIC 1 - JOSH BODEN, PARAMEDIC, EMS DIRECTOR

Josh Boden is a native of Watonga, Oklahoma. He graduated from Watonga High School in 2003, two weeks after graduation Boden was in Basic Training with the Army. Boden was on Active Duty with the U.S. Army for 5 years and was a Section Sergeant. During his time in the Army, Boden was a Cavalry Scout and was cross trained in Combat Life Saver. After 5 years in the U.S. Army, Boden returned to Watonga and began working as a volunteer fire fighter at the Watonga Fire Department.
In 2008 Boden decided to begin his career in EMS. Boden has held many positions in EMS such as a Field Training Officer at Sinor EMS, where he trained new medics in the field. He also held the positions at Woodward EMS as the Ambulance Maintenance Supervisor as well as a Field Training Officer. Now, Boden holds the position of Watonga EMS Director. Boden enjoys working with patients and caring for others in their time of need. Boden has practiced in rural EMS for 7 years. Boden is an asset to Watonga EMS and rural medicine. However, Boden would tell you this is all possible due to all the hard work of his crews. Boden is thankful for this opportunity for him and Watonga EMS Crews to be able to be a part of a great community.

Assistant EMS Director

18582608_10213564699778967_7472366754211485126_nMEDIC 2 - DEREK VERMILLION, PARAMEDIC, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

Derek began his career in EMS in 2010 as an EMT Basic with the Watonga Fire Department after returning from his deployment with the 45th FAB for Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2011– 2012 he was redeployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom Delta Co 1st BN 179th INF.
Upon returning in 2012, he enrolled in Paramedic school at Redlands Community College, completing his degree in 2014. Derek became employed at Life EMS in August of 2015 currently serving as the operation supervisor and began working for Watonga EMS in April of 2016.
Derek assisted with establishing Watonga Ems in 2016 and continues to enjoy  serving his community.

Meet your Paramedics, EMT-Advance, EMT-Basics and EMRs


14102245_1092862410768223_2160453990968745019_nMEDIC 5 - KAT BIGGS, PARAMEDIC

Kat was raised around the Hitchcock area and is a 2009 graduate of Lomega. After graduation Kat went to college at SWOSU. Kat graduated from SWOSU in December 2013 with a BA in English with an emphasis in writing and a BS in Psychology.
After graduation Kat then proceeded to go to EMT school at Redlands and completed the EMT program in December 2014, she then promptly obtained her licensure in January 2015.
Kat then decided that she would like to further her career in EMS and enrolled in Paramedic school in January 2015. Kat is set to potentially graduate from Paramedic school in May 2017.
As of April 2016 Kat became part of the Watonga EMS Service. She has been in rural medicine 2.5 years.



Tami Carrick-Garcia, I grew up in Geary, OK and Burlington, WA. Graduated from Geary in 1995. Became an EMTB in 1999 because I grew up in a family dedicated to Emergency Services and wanted to serve my community too. Moved back to Blaine County from Bellingham, WA in 2010. Started working for WEMS in 2011. Currently the Jail Administrator/Reserve Deputy for Dewey County Sheriff's Office and Reserve Police Officer for Watonga PD.
If you asked Tami to say one thing about EMS she would say, "You see good and bad in EMS and often yours is the hand someone holds on their worst possible day. Do your best all the time to be worthy of that blessing."
13895128_1079656398755491_9204162528673715677_nMEDIC 8 - JAY GRAUBERGER, EMT-B

Jay was raised in Canton and is a 1980 graduate of Canton High School. He worked for a few years in the oil field and then at the Wheeler Brothers elevator in Canton. In August, 1989 he joined the Navy and was trained as an electronics technician. Jay retired from the Navy in August, 2010 after 21 years of service.
Jay returned to Oklahoma and settled in Okeene where he has lived for the past 6 years. His EMS journey began, with a bit of hesitation, in October, 2011 as an EMR with Okeene EMS. After just a few months he knew he wanted to do more so he enrolled in EMT-B class to further his knowledge and responsibilities to the service. Jay has been in rural EMS for 4.5 years.
Jay started paramedic school in February this year. In April Jay applied, and was accepted for, a position with the new Watonga EMS service. "It has been a challenge, but it's rewarding to be a part of something from the very beginning and have the opportunity to work with this crew and get this service off the ground".
13880304_1079823275405470_4708959532885613009_nMEDIC 9 - KAT LAMB, EMT-B

Kat was raised in Okeene and is a 1991 graduate from Okeene. After graduation Kat went to college at Oklahoma Christian University with a major in Business Management and a minor in Accounting. Kat made her home in Oklahoma City for 16+ years. She held a positions at the City of Nichols Hills as the Court Administrator and then she made a move to a smaller town and became the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Newman Memorial Hospital.
In 2010, Kat decided to move back to her hometown. Kat decided that she needed to fulfill her lifelong dream of being part of an ems service and her desire to help others. So, in 2011 Kat enrolled in EMT school. Kat has been in rural EMS for almost 5 years. After about 4 years Kat started seeing the need for more rural Paramedics, so in February 2016, Kat started Paramedic School.  As of April 2016, Kat became a part of the Watonga EMS service.
Kat states, "This is not just a job for me this is a calling and I will be the first to say I am thankful to be where I am. Our job is not easy, however everyone I come in contact with I learn so much from them and this group I work with, what can I say they are some of my most trusted individuals. I am thankful to be a part of such a great family."
Brian was born and raised in Watonga, OK. Brian graduated from Watonga HS in 1982. Brian became a firefighter in 1988 and retired after 27 years of service in 2015. Brian began his career in EMS as an EMR in 2007 and later went on to EMT school and obtained his EMT Licensure in 2013.
Brian has become the Godfather of our service. He has the wisdom and knowledge that he continues to share with all his fellow medics. If Brian had one thing to say about our service he would tell you, "We are a family, a family of multiple talents and incredible knowledge. We have an amazing service and we are proud to be here for Watonga."
14102565_1092863320768132_9071336064934093096_nMEDIC 11 - MELISSA SIMMONS, EMT-B
Melissa was raised in Watonga and is a 2000 graduate from Watonga. After graduation Melissa then went to college at SWOSU to study Mass Communications. During Melissa's freshman year at SWOSU she was the editor of the newspaper on campus. She had many activities during college with being in the band and she pledged Kappa Kappa Psi.
After college Melissa moved back to Watonga in 2003 where her family is located and set up home. She then began working at Sonic as an assistant manager when she returned home, until she started working at the hospital. After 4 years in the hospital setting is when Melissa realized she had fallen in love with the medical field.
Melissa comes from a long line of first responders. So when her friends and family suggested that she should go to EMT school she realized with their support she could live her dream of helping others in their time of need.   As of April 2016 Melissa became a part of the Watonga EMS service. Melissa has been in rural EMS for close to 5 years.
If you asked Melissa about Watonga EMS she would tell you, "We're one big family, who all have the same goal. To care for the people in our community. There's nothing better than the strong team and support system we've established here."
Angelia was born and raised in Midwest City, OK. She is a 2008 graduate from MCHS. Straight out of high school she went to college for Police Science. After nearly completing her requirements for her degree, she had an injury that put her down for a year. It was during that time that she did a lot of reflecting and realized EMS better fit her personality and who she is.
Angelia became an EMT in December 2014 and has worked in rural EMS for a little over 2 years. Her ultimate goal is to work her way to RN and work in an ER or NICU; however, she still wants to work in EMS. Angelia began working with Watonga EMS in April 2016. If you were to ask Angelia what she loves about working for Watonga EMS, she would tell you "we're a family with one goal, and that is to provide our patients with the best care possible. We are there for one another to help each other grow and be the best we can possibly be at what we do."



I was born and raised in El reno, OK and graduated El reno High in 2010. After high school I attended Canadian Valley Votech in the medical office program and went on to work for a couple of clinics, then went to oilfield in 2013 until my pregnancy in 2014. After having my daughter I attended Redlands community college for the EMT basic program at the end of 2015 and started working for Mercy Hospital in El reno as a lab tech assistant while testing for my basic licence in 2016.
Once I passed, I continued to work for the hospital until I found a full time EMT basic position at life ems in enid, ok. I started there in April of 2017 and also applied and started working for Watonga EMS in June of 2017. If you ask Lea to say one thing about EMS and she would say, "Helping people has always been a dream of mine and I'm excited to be apart of the ems life and plan on continuing my education in the ems field."