Light & Water
How did my bill increase?

Notice:  Nitrate level for this quarter is 7.42 mg/liter which is below the legal limit of 10 mg/liter.  For more information, contact Warren Rice, Light and Water Superintendent at

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The light and water department serves more than 1,500 customers, delivering water and power to homes and businesses. The department also is responsible for operating and maintaining the city’s sanitary sewer system and treatment plant.

The department is composed of 12 employees. Three administrative personnel ensure efficient operations and quality customer service while the remaining nine staff members maintain the electrical, water and sewage system infrastructure. The city operates two water towers and maintains a citywide electrical distribution system.

Watonga is a member of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, which obtains energy from a variety of power generation sources and delivers it to the city’s distribution system.

Questions or concerns about the city’s utility services can be addressed by contacting the Light and Water Department at 580-623-7353 or write us at:

Warren Rice, Light & Water Superintendent
PO Box 280
Watonga, OK 73772

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